About Us

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge

Tacony-Palmyra Bridge

We are a dedicated group which has been formed to honor one of Tacony’s very best, Officer Joseph C. McCloskey. Joe or “the Goop” as we called him, was born, raised, lived and died in his beloved Tacony.

The timing was right to finally recognize the contributions of Officer Joe “Goople” McCloskey to the youth of Tacony.  We will create a sculpture as a lasting tribute to Officer McCloskey and have the sculpture prominently displayed in the community.

Most of us on the committee spent countless hours with Goople playing baseball, football and basketball. Under his guidance and leadership, we traveled to Canada, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Boys Town, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York and Ohio, the memories of a life time. We now understand the sacrifices he made to give to us the opportunity to experience what PAL (Police Athletic League) was all about.  Officer McCloskey gave 37 years of his life to the city of Philadelphia and especially to the young adults of his 27th PAL.

We are determined to give back to Joe, “a good citizen” a justly deserved remembrance and to continue his legacy by providing assistance to the youth of Tacony through contributions to athletics, education and the recognition of good citizenship.