Three Year Plan


  •  Create a sculpture as a lasting tribute to Officer McCloskey and have the sculpture prominently displayed in the community.

 At the present time and for the foreseeable future there is very little hope of accomplishing this goal. Therefore the committee has decided to allocate money for a Bronze Plaque which would incorporate a likeness and a brief history of Joe McCloskey & the 27th PAL. The Fund will allocate $5,000.00. Where and when will be determined at a later date. If the city’s position on the placement of the sculpture would change, then the Fund will likewise re-evaluate our decision.

 (Plaque)  $5,000.00

  • Provide assistance to the youth of Tacony through contributions to athletics, education and the recognition of good citizenship. 


 One $1,000.00 donation to a Tacony Youth Organization

 (Donation)  $1,000.00

 Two – Scholarships based on merit                                                             $4,000.00


Total $10,000.00


Two donations totaling $1,500.00 to Tacony Athletic Organizations

     2-Donations  $1,500.00

 Four- Scholarships based on merit                                                             $8,000.00

 One – Scholarship for Good Citizenship                                                   $1,500.00

   Total $ 11,000.00


 Two donations totaling $1,500.00 to Tacony Athletic Organizations

 (2-Donations)  $1,500.00

 (2- Scholarships based on merit)  $4,000.00

 (1- Scholarships based on merit)  $1,000.00

 (1- Scholarship for Good Citizenship)  $1,500.00


 Total $8,000.00


                                  Total Expenses

 2014    10,000.00

 2015    11,000.00

 2016      8,000.00


 Total $29,000.00

 Misc. Expenses  $2,062.00


 Current Bank Statement 2-28-14


 *****  The Fund will adjust the amount of services provided based on the Funds raised over the three year period.